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Tanto gilipollas y tan pocas balas

Minutos musicales (Videolog, VII edición)

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Para todos aquellos que piensan que toda la música electrónica es bakala, que todo suena igual, y que lo asocian a cosas como las de este vídeo:

les pongo aquí alguna pequeña joya de las que uno guarda por el disco duro. Que las disfrutéis.

ATB – Hold you

All the things that I told you
All the things that I never mentioned
All the things that I told you twice

Give me something to turn to
Like an answer that has no question
Give me something that I can’t fight

I don’t want to hold you
I don’t want to hold you down

I will always adore you
As the line with no intersection
never knows what it means to cry

Chase the wind and she’ll steal you
Trap your heart and you’ll never get it
These are the things that I’ve learned from life

Dj Sammy – Heaven

Baby you’re all that I want:
when you’re lying here in my arms,
I’m finding it hard to believe
we’re in heaven.

(We’re in heaven)

Oh, thinking about all our younger years,
There was only you and me,
We were young and wild and free.
Now nothing can take you away from me:
we’ve been down that road before,
but that’s over now.
You keep me coming back for more.

Baby you’re…

And love is all that I need,
and I found it there in your heart.
It isn’t too hard to see
We’re in heaven.

(We’re in heaven)

Now, nothing could change what you mean to me.
There’s a lot that I could say,
but just hold me now,
‘cause our love will light the way.

Baby, you’re…

And love is…

Now our dreams are coming true.
Through the good times and the bad
I’ll be standing there by you.

(We’re in heaven)

And love is…

Marc Aurel – Running

I do remember days when I was young
I wish I was a child of ten again
We learned of love, of life, of everything
I wish I was a child of ten again

Robert Miles – Children

Y cerramos con un tema trancero de los muy elegantes. La pena es que no hay videoclip (o yo no he visto) de la versión extended (la que empieza con una tormenta).

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